Salesforce Vs Dynamics CRM

By Humilis Consulting

The common topic that circulates the CRM world; Which is better, Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Studies show that 79% of people would recommend Salesforce as their chosen CRM system compared to the 51% that prefer the Microsoft brand. Is this because Salesforce offers a complete package? With the acquisition of Linkedin by Microsoft, should we now see a spike in companies using Dynamics 365 opposed to Salesforce?

Here are some differences between them the both:

Salesforce – With Salesforce being a pure cloud based solution, you are able to pay a monthly subscription fee for each user log in.
Dynamics – With Microsoft offering an Online or On Premise solution it can complicate things when it comes to pricing. If you are online it is the same as Salesforce with a monthly subscription, but if you are on premise you pay a perpetual license fee upfront for each user. This is purely preference based to what the business needs.                                                                                                                                                                          Outcome - Draw

Email Integration:
Salesforce - Salesforce enables you to integrate emails with the Outlook integration option, yet it is cumbersome to install and lack the depth of functionality compared to Dynamics.
Dynamics - As Microsoft owns the popular Outlook email client, you can integrate the email into CRM more extensively than any other platform and gives you a much deeper use of the function compared to Salesforce.                                                                                                                                                                    Outcome - Dynamics

User Experience:
Salesforce - A well-designed interface that meets the user expectations. It is simple, intuitive and easily customizable.
Dynamics - Microsoft Dynamics considerably improved the interface since the 2013 release but still faces challenges in modifying the tabs, themes, and stylesheets make it less adaptable to fit your business goals.                                                                                                                                                                     Outcome - Salesforce

Marketing Capability:
Salesforce – Salesforce includes the ExactTarget and Pardot software for the marketing automation capabilities. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud stands out for digital marketing, as well as lead tracking, acquisitions, scoring, nurturing, and analytics.
Dynamics – Dynamics uses the Marketing Resource Management function which has had bad reviews with people saying it is a bit clumsy and overwhelming.                                                           Outcome – Salesforce

Some food for thought when your business is choosing its CRM system. Will we see Microsoft become the market dominators? Or will Salesforce continue to be the ever-dominant leader.

By Connor Cranshaw - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/connor-cranshaw-013b44140/

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