Salesforce Finally 'brings to light' RelateIQ

By Humilis Consulting

CRM giant Salesforce brought RelateIQ, a sales-intelligent start up last year for $390 million and only now do they plan to integrate it within the broader business. RelateIQ was founded in 2011 by two guys from Palantir, a security company. RelateIQ was one of the fastest growing sales cloud products before it got acquired by Salesforce in 2014. It’s believed that it will grab the spotlight in Dreamforce, Salesforces annual conference.

“I think you’ll hear a lot more about RelateIQ at Dreamforce. If you’ve been following Benioff on Twitter last month, he’s been very vocal about RelateIQ. Perhaps we’ll end up seeing this transformed, new cloud software around active intelligence in the enterprise,” Roderick told Business Insider.

RelateIQ extracts relevant data from your personal relationships and simplifies the sales process by pulling information from social media profiles, calendar and emails.  Using this data it would recommend the right person to follow up on for certain call and when to email them back to close the deal.

It is unknown how Salesforce will incorporate it within its product but Roderick claims that it will be integrated within the Salesforce core sales cloud and may be incorporated within other products. 

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