Keith Biglow 'the man behind the Wave' leaves Salesforce

By Humilis Consulting

Keith Biglow, the man in charge of Salesforce’s new Wave data analytic product is no longer with Wave but will take another role within the company. Salesforce insist that the analytics tool is still selling well and that the relocation of Biglow will not affect this.

Wave was launched a year ago with a spectacle by Salesforce at Deamforce and Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, has been ecstatic with it ever since, even calling it ‘ the greatest product, I think, Salesforce has ever built’. Wave analytics was Salesforce big attempt into getting into ‘big data analytics’ sector and is the fasting growing product that Salesforce has ever released.

Last month, rumours circulated that with the platform costing $40 000 not including user fees Salesforce was thinking about offering huge discounts on the Wave leading to the leadership change.  Wave competes against tools from the likes of Microsoft and Oracle.

Biglow was working for SAP before being hired by Salesforce, where is helped build the Wave. 

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