The things people forget to think about when embarking on a cloud HR / HRIS Transformation programme & the potential gaps / challenges to look out for in advance.

By Humilis Consulting

By Toby Devine – Global Cloud HCM Practice Lead

You may think I am going to go into all the detail here about integration and data issues or teams; Yes, those experts are very hard to find for the relevant programmes. Despite this, if you are connected with the right people and get these sections of the programme started sooner rather than later typically things will be in the right place for a scheduled and on budget go live. Even on the 100 country+ Cloud HRIS Transformations Programmes and Roll Outs that Humilis Consulting have been supporting when setting things up effectively they are in very good shape even these areas that have proven to be tricky in the past although there are a limited amount of previous references with such solutions being adopted on such a scale. It is ultimately all about getting the right people into your relevant teams and sharpish when it comes to these areas!

The topic I am actually eluding to in this article in actual fact are all of the soft elements that go on away from the solutions and all that tech stuff that could be seen as so different and complicated from the solutions of old!

Change Management, User Adoption and Training are all so vital and often overlooked or seen as a given. But with new solutions and with more and more rapid and aggressive change and transformation wanted by business owners and senior management within this “Generation Z” and digital age it is not so simple. In addition to this, the increased hype, agility and reliance on the cloud in all walks of life on global scale mean you could be forgiven for forgetting about the vital and almost everyday elements to consider in a global transformation piece.

It has become more apparent over the years that it is important to take into consideration that each business is different and that setting expectations is absolutely vital in this process. This typically comes from the change leads and senior management within the business but it should be down to you to stand up and be counted and raise this issue before it’s too late; I mean, after all, why are these transformations happening? To improve in the business in some way right? … So give your employees / the business’ staff the opportunity to do that by giving them the chance to do that and don’t give them the tools but also teaching them how to use them effectively by making them aware of the capabilities and progression of the solutions at our fingertips today!

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