Salesforce Project Implementation - where are all the great PMs ?

By Humilis Consulting

A good PM is key to any business critical programme of works, having an accomplished, disciplined, skilled and respected project manager at the helm guiding the ship avoiding choppy waters and potential risks will save time, money and make sure the end goals are reached.

Demand for these key resources are at a high and supply is as it has been for the past few years very low. We have a number of superstars working for us on client programmes and with the ramping up of projects across the UK and Internationally always need more.

Humilis are the exclusive resource partner to what is arguably the fastest growing Salesforce ISV in the World today. Growing from being a one office company in the US 18 months ago, to now having teams deployed across the US, Ireland, UK, India, Hong-Kong and Australia.

They have truly found a gap in the market where their so called competitors are yet to truly embrace the Cloud. Those that have, haven’t got past 1st base yet, let alone getting into the integration and analytics side of embracing the cloud.

With a product which is rapidly taking over a sector that is worth over £35 billion a year in the UK alone, these guys have to keep expanding. This is where and hopefully you come in!

We are looking to hire several project managers at all skill and experience levels to support this growth. Are you a talented and aspirational salesforce project manager ready to jump on board and lead delivery of their Salesforce product to companies across internationally?

If you have what it takes with 6 months to 10+ years project management experience, then I want to speak to you.

Be part of a winning team.

Lewis Steadman

Global Salesforce Practice Lead, Humilis Consulting Limited. 

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